Monitor and Optimize Video Quality-of-Experience like never before.

SSIMWave provides the media and entertainment industry the most sophisticated technology, SSIMplus, for monitoring and optimizing video QoE of end consumers by accurately modelling the human visual system. The QoE measurement technology, ideal for video encoding and adaptive video delivery optimization, provides constant QoE video on any display device with average bitrate savings of up to 50%.


SSIMWave’s Video QoE Monitor

The software uses the most advanced and comprehensive video QoE measurement technology to provide accurate, display device-adaptive, and easy-to-understand scores for Video-on-Demand.


SSIMWave’s Video QoE Monitor Live

The real-time software products provides the media & entertainment industry the capability to accurately monitor perceptual QoE for live video broadcast.


SSIMWave’s Perceptual Stream Optimizer

The highly-efficient software engine drives any video encoder/transcoder to achieve constant QoE encodes at a fraction of the video bandwidth by utilizing SSIMWave’s perceptual video QoE measurement technology.


SSIMWave’s Smart Video Streaming

The QoE-driven approach to adaptive video streaming used by the products enables the media and entertainment industry to save on bandwidth costs and control QoE per view, subscriber, service, and network.



QoE-driven Smart Adaptive Video Streaming

SSIMWave’s QoE-driven smart adaptive video streaming technology is the engine that drives SSIMWave’s Smart Video Streaming (SVS) product.

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QoE-driven Bandwidth Optimization

SSIMWave’s QoE-driven bandwidth optimization technology is at the core of SSIMWave’s Stream Optimizer (SSO) product.

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Automatic Video QoE Assessment

SSIMWave’s automatic video QoE assessment technology is at the backbone that enables SSIMWave’s file-based and live-SQM software

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