Why SSIM is not enough?

In an earlier blog, we provided an explanation on why the structural similarity (SSIM) index becomes by far the most popular objective model to predict perceived image/video quality, both in academia and industry. The contribution of SSIM is certainly outstanding, but is SSIM enough in real-world applications as the ultimate image/video quality measure or the ultimate image/video fidelity measure (considering its computation needs a reference image/video)? Read More

Why SSIM got popular?

The structural similarity (SSIM) index is a method to automatically predict perceived quality of images and videos. It is getting extremely popular in the past few years. In academia, the original SSIM paper published in 2004 has received over 10,000 Google Scholar citations so far, perhaps more than any paper in the literature of video engineering. It also received an IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award, one of the most prestigious paper awards in signal processing. In industry, the SSIM algorithm received the Primetime Engineering Emmy Award, one of the most prestigious technology awards in TV industry. In the citation by Television Academy, it says Read More